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You can't launch a successful product without a successful team. The best design in the world is still just a plan until it gets built. Working together propels us all farther than we could go alone.

You've got world-class design, and we've got top-notch development covered. Imagine what we could do together.

We'll be your Engineering Department.

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Partnering with great engineers means you can take on the challenging jobs you couldn't before.

( And turn them into extraordinary products )

Work with a whole new
class of clients and projects.

Sometimes big problems need more than a pure design solution. Clients want an agency that can handle their entire project, not just one piece of it. The close partnership between your creative house and our engineering firm means we can take on a whole new class of challenges together.

It means faster communication and swifter iterations. It means you can break the mold instead of conforming.

Never compromise
the integrity of your design.

Good companies do design in-house. Great companies control every aspect of a product, from beginning to end. When the same team can do design and development, they never lose sight of their vision. Full-service capability means not having to compromise.

We find them whenever we partner with creative studios, we seem to make better, more successful products, and have more fun doing it.


General is a development and engineering firm with global reach, and local
We build hardware and software out of Seattle’s most creative neighborhood, Fremont.

  • Eight year track record
    Eight year track record

    Our clients include: that store you shop at, the maker of that car you drive, and that restaurant you got dinner from last week. Our clients love us, and we're all about long-term relationships.

  • Deep skill set
    Deep skill set

    Nobody gets in a rut around here. Part of our culture is that we're always learning, cross-training, and teaching each other. That’s how we stay on top of the latest technologies in this crazy world.

  • Solid engineering, rapid delivery
    Solid engineering, rapid delivery

    We’re built for it. We believe in delivering early and often, and calling audibles whenever we have to. We stick by our principles, not our assumptions.

  • We speak software & design
    We speak software & design

    We’re not a design studio like you (hello!), but we believe in the power of design. It helps us make products we believe in and stand by.

  • Best practices are our craft
    Best practices are our craft

    We've decided to hold ourselves to the highest standards in our industry. The keys: code review, process oversight, and constant refinement. Even the best can get better.

  • Transparent & collaborative
    Transparent & collaborative

    We like sharing. Our policy is that it’s better to say too much than not enough, especially if it means we discover problems quicker. Our clients sure appreciate it.

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