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Data warehouses enable fast reporting and analytics but don’t scale or handle unstructured data well.
Data lakes allow you to store data at scale but lack governance, management, and analytics capabilities. 

Databricks Delta Lake combines the best, helping you quickly turn big data into big ideas. Like a data lake, the lakehouse architecture stores data in its original form–and adds the data warehouse's governance, management, and analytics capabilities.

Benefits of Databricks Delta Lake

  • Maintain data quality and consistency
  • Perform fast, complex analytics
  • Support business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) at a massive scale
  • Gain efficient SQL functions, indexing, caching, and massively parallel processing
  • Apply the latest machine-learning techniques across varied data
  • Reduce data storage and governance costs
  • Eliminate duplication and “data drift”

“We worked closely with GenUI during the process; they did an incredible job of helping us get there.”

— Jay Lee, Principal Software Architect, Resolution Bioscience

Resolution Bioscience Case Study

Transformative DataBricks Capabilities

Data Management

Data Management

With automated and reliable ETL, open and secure data sharing, and lightning-fast performance, Delta Lake transforms your data lake into the destination for all your structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

With ready access to the freshest and most complete data and the power of Databricks SQL — up to 12x better price/performance than traditional cloud data warehouses — data analysts and scientists can now quickly derive new insights.

Machine Learning

Databricks provides collaborative solution for the full machine learning lifecycle, from featurization to production. Combined with high-quality, highly performant data pipelines, lakehouse accelerates machine learning and team productivity.

Transform the value of data using Databricks

At GenUI we believe in the power of small teams to make a big impact by working closely with stakeholders and using the right technologies to achieve targeted business outcomes. We will collaborate with your team to identify high-value Databricks use cases and implement them rapidly. Together we can achieve meaningful results faster than you ever thought possible. 


We offer a full range of services for big data innovation on Databricks

Technology evaluation

Choose the right big data solutions to support your Databricks deployment that fit your business goals, internal expertise, and budget.

Migration and modernization

Transform existing products and data by selectively updating critical pieces of your technology stack to work with Databricks technology.

Product development and DevOps

Build new software products and improve development processes to take advantage of modern data best practices using a variety of frameworks, languages, and cloud platforms.

Model development and deployment

Create and train powerful machine learning models that deliver tangible business results from a wide range of data and then deploy them as APIs or web services for easy application integration.

Data engineering

Working from the foundation of business goals, build intelligent data workflows that deliver continuous insights across your organization. 

Performance optimization

Identify and remove bottlenecks at the data, infrastructure, platform, and application levels to unleash the full power of data for your business.

Cloud migration and management

Select the right cloud platform for your needs and get your data where it needs to go faster and with less risk.

Architectural consulting

Simplify and automate using modern microservices using technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker.

Uncover the transformative impact of your enterprise data.

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