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Seattle Children's PRISM App: Promoting Resilience

I’m a software maker by trade and by training, but now I work on strategy, organizational development, supporting company culture, and studying emerging technology in search of the great software platforms of the future.

The core of our vision at GenUI is that we can bring together design and technology to do work that really matters.

This summer, we took the remarkable opportunity to collaborate with our design partners at the Artefact Group and an inspired group of pediatricians on the Seattle Children’s Digital Health team to bring to life a concept to help teens and young adults faced with serious illness. Together, we created an iOS app called PRISM, or Promoting Resilience in Stress Management, a mobile app embodiment of a mindfulness and stress management intervention, previously developed by Drs. Abby Rosenberg and Joyce Yi-Frazer.

“This partnership with Artefact and GenUI will generate a version of PRISM that is widely accessible, speaks the language of teens and young adults in a savvy digital platform, and most importantly, meets the needs of patients and families navigating adversity caused by a serious illness,” said Rosenberg.

“We want to bring the research-driven PRISM program to more teens and their families,” said Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, pediatrician and Chief of Digital Innovation at Seattle Children’s. “The experience of illness during adolescence provides a profound opportunity to nurture lifelong skills in resilience and stress management. With Artefact’s elite design skills, GenUI’s architecture and Dr. Rosenberg’s fastidious research, we have a marriage of unique skills that allow us to leverage the PRISM program to reduce suffering not just here in Seattle but for teens and families experiencing stress and illness elsewhere, too.”

More about PRISM at Artefact’s website »

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