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Zulily’s Earns 5x ROI By Leveraging GenUI's React JS Team

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When the marketing team at Zulily needed custom-designed landing pages tied to their search engine marketing campaigns, they asked the company’s technical product management team to help them find solutions. Maxed out with day-to-day operations and other special projects, the Zulilly technical team turned to GenUI to augment their software product development capabilities and deliver the landing pages that the marketing team needed to capture new revenue.

Zulily was so pleased with GenUI’s work – the marketing team cited a remarkable 5X ROI – that they immediately looked for ways to leverage GenUI’s expertise on other projects. GenUI now plays an important role in the modernization of software platforms and front-end web and mobile products across Zulily.

“Frankly, the GenUI team has been very valuable to us,” said Hugh Birch, Director of Technical Product Management. “One of our most critical development leads even commented that they’re awesome – a big testament to their effectiveness.”

About Zulily

Zulily, the online retailer that specializes in products for kids, moms, and the home – is one of the most impressive start-up stories in Seattle history.

Founded in 2010, the company’s 1300 employees offer differentiated boutique products that can’t be found elsewhere, creating a shopping experience that is a fun pastime for its regular customers.

The company serves 6.5 million customers and is a subsidiary of QVC parent Qurate with $1.82B revenue in 2018.

About GenUI

GenUI is a software product engineering firm solving complex technical challenges for technology and software companies, along with companies in other industries that have undertaken digital transformation..

We provide an environment for our employees and clients to achieve innovation through togetherness. Our knowledge center and community of excellence endows everyone on a project team with the best and most current thinking about software product engineering, and our Tech Radar provides focus and perspective on enabling tools and technologies.

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