Novo Nordisk Uses Hololens To Train Patients In Mixed Reality



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Updated Jun 30, 2018

One of the prevalent challenges to managing diabetes is the proper use of insulin injectors that patients typically self-administer to help balance their blood sugars and avoid long-term complications. While nurses and other medical technicians do their best to guide patients on usage, newly diagnosed patients – over 40% of whom are elderly – are often overwhelmed with information and instructions and struggle to get it right on their own.

To support proper self-administration of insulin, and to reduce the burden on healthcare providers when onboarding patients, Novo Nordisk partnered with GenUI, a software engineering firm, to prototype a new, interactive way to onboard and train patients using augmented reality.

GenUI based its solution on the Microsoft HoloLens, a pair of mixed reality smart-glasses that a patient wears while holding a pen injector in front of them. The instructions proceed, interactively prompting the patient to take certain steps and informing them when they’ve done something correctly or not, moving the conversation from “tell me” to “show me.”

In addition to this program, GenUI’s pod team has collaborated with Novo Nordisk over the last 18-months, joining their R&D team to support mobile development, software engineering delivery, testing, and UX/UI design. They also infused GenUI’s processes, core dev practices and procedures with the Novo Nordisk culture to ensure meeting objectives.

GenUI has become a trusted partner in our strategy to develop digital therapies to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. Brad V., Associate Director of Digital Therapeutics at Novo Nordisk

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About Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is a $17B Danish multinational pharmaceutical company employing over 40,000 worldwide. Its flagship products are diabetes care medications and devices. Novo Nordisk’s research center in Seattle, Washington, is focusing on early discovery projects within the diabetes and obesity areas and digital therapeutics.