Let’s meet your objectives, together.

Our engineering pods bring a set of values and practices that are proven to meet software objectives more effectively.

Each of our pods is made up of a team of engineers with a track record of successful collaboration. They can embed on-site with your internal team, augmenting your engineering capabilities.

With pods, you get more than the benefits of each individual engineer: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Bring GenUI’s collaborative culture to your organization

Experienced team

Skilled engineers with a track-record of effective collaboration

On-site service

Pods embed with your internal team, sharing skills with them for long-term benefit

Adaptable to your needs

Flexible time frames and project sizes

Case Studies

Zulily’s Earns 5x ROI By Leveraging GenUI's React JS Team

The Zulilly technical team turned to GenUI to augment their software product development capabilities and deliver the landing pages that the marketing team needed to capture new revenue.

Buddy Platform Overhauls UX With User-Centric Approach

Buddy launches a new product design and user experience for commercial property owners and managers to conserve energy.

Nordstrom launches leading mobile retail experience for Android

Nordstrom launched their leading mobile fashion retail experience on the Android platform to meet feature parity with their popular iOS retail app.