Google’s suite of cloud computing products and services

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, including Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail. While AWS and Azure launched earlier and lead in market share, Google Cloud is catching up and is the fastest-growing cloud platform.

Google Cloud offers essentials, including core infrastructure, platform, databases, analytics, machine learning, IoT, and a set of enterprise services that help companies scale beyond onsite server solutions.

One core building block of Google Cloud is its Kubernetes Engine, the industry’s first managed container orchestration service in the public cloud.

At GenUI, we have a team of developers with experience building software products and services on Google Cloud. If you’re still evaluating which platform to use for your application, we can help you evaluate what platform will best meet the needs of your business.

AI Platform

This helps businesses scale AI use cases with APIs and out of the box tools. AI Platform makes it easy for machine learning developers and data scientists to take ML projects from ideation to production and deployment, quickly and cost-effectively.

Infrastructure Modernization

Google Cloud offers flexible infrastructure modernization approaches from rehost to replatform. From an all-in-one cloud to a hybrid of public cloud and private computing environments, there are a number of ways to approach your cloud migration.

Trusted by global leaders

Businesses across dozens of industries use Google Cloud, including: Snap Inc, HSBC, Bloomberg, Target, Costco, Spotify, PayPal and many others.

Case Studies

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GenUI Develops an IoT Solution for GM & Commercial Link

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing fast, and the connected car space is among its largest markets: 250 million connected vehicles will be on the road by 2020, according to analysts at Gartner.