The web’s platform and ecosystem for modern business

It’s nearly impossible to overstate the profound impact that the web browser has on humanity. Web applications facilitate much of what we do on an everyday basis, transforming the way we work, shop, play, and connect with each other. The browser has truly become the global operating system, and this is in large part thanks to JavaScript.

The JavaScript ecosystem has an incredible variety of open-source tools, libraries, and modules available to build web applications today. NPM, Node.js, TypeScript, Angular, Vue, and React are just a few of the highly capable tools and platforms built on top of JavaScript. These tools enable the development of highly capable web applications that are used by millions of companies worldwide.

JavaScript is constantly evolving as developers build new features, products, and platforms on top of it.

GenUI’s team of developers is dedicated to the JavaScript community, contributing to open source development that expands what’s possible with JavaScript.

Powerful APIs

DOM, Geolocation, Canvas, and WebGL are just a few of the APIs that lay the foundation for the web’s most useful applications.

High popularity

According to GitHub’s Octoverse 2019, JavaScript remains the most popular programming language with the number of opened pull requests (an indicator of the amount of code being written).

Widespread support

JavaScript’s popularity and ubiquity are key strengths: all browsers support it and developers continue to make it better and more capable.

Case Studies

Zulily’s Earns 5x ROI By Leveraging GenUI's React JS Team

The Zulilly technical team turned to GenUI to augment their software product development capabilities and deliver the landing pages that the marketing team needed to capture new revenue.

USAFacts Makes Data Engaging With Azure And PowerBI

The Ballmer Foundation launches a new website dedicated to reporting - and visualizing - the data produced by the United States government.

Analytico’s Voicesifter Customer Relationship Tool

Analytico founders Matt Kaler and Joe Sample started with the idea that customers needed a seamless way to provide feedback to small and medium-sized businesse (SMBs), and that those businesses needed a way to sort that feedback.