Collaboration drives everything we do

GenUI Values

We Value Trust

The challenges of innovation must be met as a team. That’s why we don’t go it alone. We start with authentic listening. We focus on relationships instead of transactions, to establish trust that will serve as the foundation of our collaboration. The quality of our work is inseparable from the quality of our collaboration.

We Value Professionalism

Professionalism means holding ourselves to high standards, and valuing client success - beyond the scope of any project - as the ultimate measure of our own success. We value both attitude and aptitude in our colleagues, with quality of character and strong accountability to outcomes.

We Value Impact

We believe that life is short and we should do what we love, what we’re good at, and what matters. We are dedicated to making a difference for our customers, our team, and the community beyond. So we focus on dealing in reality, by solving the essential problem first, by measuring what matters, and by validating our assumptions and results early and often.

We Value Inclusion

We value our differences as integral to the robustness, creativity, and integrity of the work that we do together. The more diversity in perspectives that are represented, and the more safety and empathy that exist at the foundation, the more powerful an innovation will be.

We Value Creativity

Creativity is essential to technology. It both empowers creativity and is powered *by* creativity. We are polymathic technology enthusiasts, and we believe we have an obligation both to improves ourselves and to improve the world. Because the power of creativity is mankind’s greatest hope.

Our Story

GenUI was founded in Seattle in 2009 on the vision that computing is a vast resource for mankind, limited only by our ability to use it effectively. To that end, we’ve been helping clients envision their future and achieve their goals by building on the best computing platforms available, from mobile to web, 2D and 3D, cloud and data platforms to AI and machine learning.

Our belief is “the future will be built together”, meaning that the challenges and opportunities of innovation must be met as a team, with diverse perspectives and abilities represented. The quality of the collaboration that creates a software product becomes the quality of the product itself, so our company culture, processes, and traditions are all built around “going on the journey together” and “don’t go it alone”.

We believe that the future is bright - and that the exponential acceleration of technology only leads to greater human capability and creativity. In this acceleration, both companies and individuals have greater and greater opportunities to have impact on human life on Earth, and we relish the chance we have to work together to build a better future.

Our Leadership

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