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Since 2009, we've been delivering sophisticated software products to delighted clients.

Now more than ever, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to help shape the next generation of technology for the better.

What defines us...

We’re proud of the culture we’ve fostered and protected internally, and the way we bring that culture with us — anywhere we go.


We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in our professional work, for the benefit of our clients and our practice. The motivation to excel in our work sets our objectives and keeps us at the forefront of emerging technology platforms.


We believe that the diversity of our backgrounds, skill sets, and perspectives is one of the key ingredients in the success of our firm. Through collaboration, we take advantages of our differences to form a stronger team.


We advocate for each other and work to view problems from an outside perspective. As professionals, we practice total commitment to the objectives of our clients, and to one another.

Our team

We live at the frontier of technology, leveraging the latest tools to build impactful products for our clients. We foster a culture of support where everyone is empowered to take risks.


Jason Greer


Jason Thane

Co-Founder and CEO

Jessica Alspaugh

Director of Engineering

Jeni Mattson

Head of Product

Don Biszek

Vice President Of Services

Sue Pess

Director Of Operations

Gerald Kaufman

Business Development Executive

Scott Rupert

Business Development Executive