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Get the most from your data

Databricks offers a single platform that integrates data, analytics, AI, and ML enablement in a single data lakehouse. With this modern approach you can finally start realizing the true value of your data. Visit our Databricks service page to learn more.

Our Commitments

Outstanding People
Consulting As Advocacy
Relationship First
Safety & Sustainability
Supportive Management
Innovation Mindset
Curiosity & Fun

Core Technologies

iOS, Swift & Objective-C
Android, Kotlin & Java
JavaScript, React, Angular
NodeJS & Typescript
Elixir, .Net Core
Python, Ruby, R
AWS, Azure & GCP
Virtual & Augmented Reality
OpenGL & WebGL
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Our Practices

Trust & Collaboration
Continuous Validation
Sustainable Engineering
Test-Oriented Development
Paired Programming
Tech Talks

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