Exploring Apple's Reality Pro: Expectations and Aspirations


Ken Adamson

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Updated May 31, 2023

Apple's venture into mixed reality with its speculated Reality Pro is an unsurprising leap for a tech giant known for curating custom Operating Systems (OS) for its standalone devices, from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. Rumored hardware specs, such as an M2 chip [1] and 16GB of RAM, fuel further anticipation about the company's prospective offering.

Yet the most eager enthusiasts hope that the Reality Pro will transcend the minimum-bar and integrate features like the U1 chip, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, and LiDAR. These are not just lofty wishes, but legitimate expectations rooted in the realm of possibility considering that these technologies are already embedded in Apple's existing products like iPhones and iPads.

Harnessing Potential Innovations

For instance, the U1 chip could enhance the "Find My" support, enabling users to track devices with remarkable accuracy. Bluetooth 5.2 could revolutionize high-bandwidth audio capabilities, enabling dual-mode transceivers to stream high-fidelity stereo audio. NFC might serve a multipurpose role, enabling the reading of tags, accepting payments, and data exchange. Lastly, LiDAR could be crucial for AR functions, facilitating more accurate object recognition and manipulation in virtual space.

Envisioning Reality Pro's "Killer Apps"

Amidst all the speculation, some practical applications stand out. AR-based navigation is a prime example, a concept already implemented in high-end vehicles like Teslas. An Apple HMD with top-notch hardware and a powerful AI model could effortlessly recognize road signs and landmarks, revolutionizing traditional navigation systems.

Content creation is another key area where Apple usually shines. Considering Apple's recent push towards spatial audio and multichannel sound, it's conceivable that the Reality Pro could integrate apps like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. These apps could create a new immersive audio-editing experience, leveling up workflows for games and other experiences.

Furthermore, considering the growing digital economy in the Metaverse, integration with a secure payments system like Apple Pay seems like a natural fit. This feature would further consolidate the Apple ecosystem, providing users a seamless payment experience.

Decoding Apple's Approach and Press Speculations

Apple is known to prioritize quality over quantity, usually releasing products that do a few things remarkably well. It's anticipated that they will adopt the same strategy for the Reality Pro, focusing on refining the software to take full advantage of the hardware.

Despite the optimistic outlook, there are challenges that lie ahead. With a rumored price tag of approximately $3,000 [2], Apple's Reality Pro is set to be thrice as expensive as its counterparts from competitors like Meta. This steep price tag might limit its appeal to a smaller, more affluent customer base. Nonetheless, if there's a company that can pull off this high-risk, high-reward venture, it's Apple.

In conclusion, while it's exciting to speculate about the Reality Pro's potential, the real determinant of its success will be the actual user experience it offers. With Apple's track record of delivering high-quality, user-centric products, there's a good chance that the Reality Pro will live up to its hype. All eyes are now on the anticipated announcement at the WWDC 2023 [3] event scheduled for June 5th: "Code new worlds"


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