An Introduction To Google's Flutter


Jason Jerome

A software consultant; A lifelong learner. A developer of Android, iOS and React-based applications.

Updated May 10, 2019

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is an emerging multi-platform application platform developed by Google, centered on Material Design and featuring aggressive composability with the Dart programming language.

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Since the early days of computing, when software developers lived in caves, application platforms of all varieties were created in pursuit of the elusive dream of “write once, run anywhere”. Google’s new Flutter platform is the latest bid to achieve a cross-platform, high-quality user experience for mobile devices (and even the web, too!) It follows in the footsteps of the likes of Facebook’s React Native and Microsoft’s Xamarin, which in our opinion, have generally failed to deliver an acceptable level of quality in the user experience. So will Flutter meet its ambitious goal of becoming competitive with the true-native UI libraries for iOS and Android? Only time and testing will tell.

In the meantime, GenUI’s Jay Jerome covers the basics of this well-designed, clever, and fascinating new platform.