Creating Product Roadmaps That Drive Innovation & Differentiation


David Barnes

David is a dynamic and forward-thinking executive who loves creative problem solving and building highly collaborative teams that achieve great things.

Updated Mar 26, 2021

Download the free white paper: "Creating roadmaps that drive innovation and differentiation"

Is your software product roadmap a living, breathing document—or a static wish list that's never quite up to date? Maximize the value of product planning with this white paper. David Barnes, our Senior Director of Client Services, discusses some of the characteristics of a great roadmap and a proven, six-step process for getting there, including:

  • Aligning to a core vision
  • Efficient ways to keep roadmaps current
  • Iterating and collaborating for continuous improvement

Learn how to turn your product roadmap into an essential asset that differentiates your product and delivers value for your users.

Need help refreshing your roadmap? Contact us for help. We have a well-defined process and proven expertise that can help you not only define your north star, but achieve it faster than you thought possible.