Creating Product Roadmaps That Drive Innovation & Differentiation


David Barnes

David is a dynamic and forward-thinking executive who loves creative problem solving and building highly collaborative teams that achieve great things.

Updated Mar 26, 2021

If you help build software, you’ve definitely spent some time thinking about product roadmaps. Regardless of your role on the team, there’s value in looking to the future of your product.

The challenge though is that many roadmaps don’t deliver nearly the value they should. Organizations instinctively know that a roadmap is a good thing—even an essential one. But it’s easy to underinvest in product vision when there’s so much to deal with in the here and now. 

A roadmap that rises above these issues can become one of your company’s greatest assets—the vision that will differentiate you from competitors and allow you to create a better world for people who use your product. 

In this white paper, David Barnes, our Senior Director of Client Services, outlines four characteristics of a great roadmap, a six-step process to creating a better roadmap, and a typical four-week process used at GenUI—a roadmap of a roadmap, if you will! 

GenUI's Creating Innovative Product Roadmaps White Paper

If you’re considering refreshing your roadmap and want a helping hand, reach out today. We have a well-defined process and proven expertise that can help you not only define your north star but achieve it faster.