Serverless Architecture and Frameworks


Ben Cheatham

Full-stack software engineer with a strong background in Javascript, and passionate about developing an efficient user-centric product.

Updated Apr 11, 2019

linkWhat is Serverless architecture?

Serverless architecture is a hot topic, and promises several advantages, because it allows developers to skip the time and overhead of planning infrastructure.

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In this recent Tech Talk, GenUI software engineer Ben Cheatham details his recent experience with AWS and advocates for designing with serverless architecture at the onset of a project. Designing and prototyping around serverless in the beginning allows for quick and inexpensive testing of the ideas by creating the business logic in lambda functions, rather than spending time on configuring services and permissions. Additional savings are passed on to the client as they are only charged per transaction instead of having the overhead of running their own server. Serverless promises to be an exciting and cost effective direction for designing applications.