Ensuring Community Healthcare Is Accessible

At A Glance

Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) is a not-for-profit organization founded by a group of Seattle community health centers. Providing comprehensive, affordable health coverage to more than 315,000 individuals and families throughout the state they regularly look for ways to better serve their community. Recognizing that their digital properties were not living up to their mission, they hired GenUI to create more user-friendly, compliant, optimized experiences, and lay the foundation for an ongoing partnership.

Seeking the right partner 

Founded in 1992, the mission of CHPW is to deliver accessible managed care services that meet the needs and improve the health of Washington communities, and make managed care participation beneficial for community-responsive providers. Their network serves more than 2,500 primary care providers, 14,000 contracted medical specialists, 100 hospitals, and 19 community health centers that operate more than 130 clinic sites.

That’s a lot of moving parts.

With multiple web properties operating independently to cover those bases, CHPW realized that in order to best serve all of their communities, they needed a new digital approach. 

“We had outdated websites. We needed to transform, move forward, and modernize them.”

Robert Bray, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, CHPW

Working with consultant Dennis Cannelis, CHPW requisitioned bids to overhaul their web properties. GenUI's forward-thinking approach, web design and development expertise and smart proposal won the bid, and the partnership was underway. 


Ensuring success for all

Creating a successful digital ecosystem for an organization like CHPW demanded a delicate balancing act between user-friendliness, compliance, responsiveness and best-practices.

A large portion of CHPW is catered to Medicaid recipients, which means the majority of members access the CHPW site on a mobile device. 

Additionally, the experience needed to adhere to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements, Section 508 standards, and certain National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) requirements, including a third-party focus group usability analysis every two years.

Finally, multiple other elements necessary for a modern-day experience were identified and green-lighted, including: an improved content management system (CMS), Member Portal, optimized search functions and iOS and Android mobile applications - all with multilingual support.

“We set up a search solution so that users could quickly and effectively find the right providers closest to them.”

Mike Strand, GenUI program lead

The system of new tools was successfully launched six months after kick off to the delight of clients and customers. 



  • Map-based search function utilizes PHP, SQL, and CoffeeScript
  • Mobile-first, responsive web development and support
  • HIPAA, Section 508, and NCQA compliance
  • Server uptime monitoring with New Relic

We got very good results by way of a third-party validation about our new website. 

Robert Bray, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Community Health Plan of Washington

Ongoing collaboration 

GenUI provides ongoing support to CHPW. To ensure data accuracy between tens of thousands of sources, everyday GenUI receives a set of flat files that comprise CHPW’s provider list. Keeping information updated both via the improved CMS and provider database has reduced calls to customer support and eased the end-user experience. Other efforts focus on continued site improvements, adherence to federal and state requirements, and server uptime monitoring with New Relic.

“They’ve helped us to reduce pain points through our collaboration. A good example is the last-minute request to modify our provider search tool. We had 60 days to get it done, but couldn’t do it internally - so we turned to GenUI. They were able to deliver it accurately and on time.”

Robert Bray, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Community Health Plan of Washington


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