Develop industry-leading apps for the world's largest mobile platform

With over 2.5 billion active devices, Android is the most widely used OS worldwide. With the Android 10 release, Google is paving the way for the next generation of smart devices, supporting emerging categories like foldables and 5G capable phones. Developers can leverage machine learning with its Neural Networks API, support for TensorFlow’s open source library, and on-device ML for its flagship devices.

Android 10 also brings a number of security features, requiring all devices encrypt user data. Android’s SDK and development tool-sets enable the development of apps with functionality that’s optimized for performance across different devices.

At GenUI, we have a team of Android developers with deep expertise in Kotlin and Java programming languages, with a proven track record for delivering results for our clients.

Privacy Features

Android 10 brings extensive changes to protect privacy and give users control — from improved system UI to stricter permissions and restrictions on what data apps can use.

5G Network Support

5G is the next evolution of wireless technology, promising to deliver faster connectivity with lower latency. Android 10 lets developers leverage 5G to unlock new application experiences and enhance existing ones.

Gesture Navigation

A fully gestural navigation mode eliminates the navigation bar area and allows apps to use the full screen for an immersive user experience.

Case Studies

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