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Ready to modernize your investments in the Microsoft platform? GenUI can help you move to the Azure cloud quickly while optimizing costs, simplifying operations, and adopting engineering best practices to speed innovation.

Aligned to Your Goals

Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey, GenUI can help you identify the best path forward, whether it’s lifting and shifting existing apps to cloud infrastructure or adopting platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service capabilities to reduce IT management complexity.

  • Analyze your app ecosystem and identify opportunities for rapid migration and cost take-out
  • Create hybrid and edge-based solutions for Internet of Things and low-latency applications
  • Ensure security, governance, and compliance as you move applications to the cloud
  • Deploy and scale applications that support remote work and productivity
  • Adopt low-code and no-code solutions that empower your development teams to work more efficiently and enable citizen developers to automate everyday tasks
  • Build cloud-scale intelligence and data analytics into your existing applications
  • Take advantage of database-as-a-service solutions to get more value from your business data
  • Migrate complex applications to the cloud while maintaining performance and business continuity
  • Build cloud operational excellence inside your organization for lasting innovation and competitive advantage

Discover how we can help you unlock the power of Azure.

Cloud Power For Your Apps

Azure offers enterprise-grade cloud computing and data storage, but it goes far beyond the basics with powerful services that help you drive innovation. We can help you build capabilities such as the following into your enterprise applications using Azure managed services:

  • Edge computing
  • Serverless computing
  • Virtual agents and chatbots
  • Process automation
  • Big data analytics

Popular Azure Products

  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Linux Virtual Machines on Azure
  • SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure Cosmos
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Azure Stack
  • Azure IoT
  • Azure Sphere

DevOps with Azure and Github

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD): Azure Pipelines & Github Actions
  • Private Packages: Azure Artifacts & Github Packages
  • Secure Secrets: Azure Key Vault & Github Encrypted Secrets
  • Git Source Control Repositories: Azure & Github

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