An Open Source Retrofit Adapter for Promises

We created this small library to enable our multi-platform mobile development teams to stay in sync.

CSS Layering Using Display Grid

What should you do when content should be layered on top of other content, but you want the parent height to be stable?

Eliminate Redux Boilerplate with Hooks-for-Redux (H4R)

Hooks for Redux eliminates the repetition without sacrificing any power.

How to use .env variables in package.json

A simple cross platform way to utilize secrets in build scripts without writing shell scripts.

Building a Drum Sequencer with React Hooks

GenUI Engineer Rob Brennan takes us through the intriguing use of React Hooks to build a Drum Sequencer in his teck talk.

Ten Reasons to Fall in Love with Elixir

Elixir is a promising new technology that builds on the success of its predecessors, with great success.

React Hooks Simplify Controlled Components

Using new React hooks API to handle state changes for easier creation of controlled components.

Vibrant Data Visualization with D3.js

The Javascript library D3.js help tell a compelling data story to communicate complex ideas.

Remote Pairing Improves Collaboration

Two minds are better than one, we'll look at some tools that can help.

Hololens Development and Uses; A Primer

We've found some quick wins to get you started, and some areas to avoid.

The Master Developer's Path of Productivity

Doing more with less, through self-awareness and incremental improvement.

Kubernetes + IAM on AWS: The Best Creds are No Creds

Alternatives to the overwhelming credentials required by modern software infrastructure.

An Introduction to Google's Flutter

An emerging multi-platform application centered on Material Design and the Dart programming language.

GenUI Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

A "Best of Fremont" party kicked off our second decade building software products, together.

Serverless Architecture and Frameworks

Serverless architecture is but how does it change the way one starts a project, and is it worth the hype?

A Case Study in Azure and .NET Core

Microsoft’s cloud platform provides robust and powerful tooling for web application developers.

Education Opportunities in Technology

GeekWire covers our groundbreaking internship program in El Salvador.

In 2019 Tech Leadership is About Safety

Safe engineering practices and infrastructure serve to de-risk the process of innovation.

Microsoft Quantum Streamlines Research With An Azure Cloud App

The high-stakes race to make quantum computing scalable is on, and Microsoft is leading the way¹. Learn how GenUI decreased the research team’s time-to-experiment by 80% and significantly improved data visualization.

Zulily’s Earns 5x ROI By Leveraging GenUI's React JS Team

The Zulilly technical team turned to GenUI to augment their software product development capabilities and deliver the landing pages that the marketing team needed to capture new revenue.

Xnor Brings AI At Scale With iOS App

Bringing artificial intelligence technology to the masses is no easy task; doing so takes a ton of computing and processing power, which is why it’s difficult to equip personal devices like smartphones with AI capabilities.

Novo Nordisk Uses Hololens To Train Patients In Mixed Reality

Diabetes can strike anyone, from any walk of life. And it frequently does – in numbers that are dramatically increasing. By 2040, experts estimate there will be more than 600 million people with diabetes worldwide…a six-fold increase since the 1980s.

Microsoft Research Uses Custom Cloud App To Analyze DNA Data

Experimentation used to take Microsoft scientists hours or days. Now it takes them minutes. This breakthrough is enabled by a custom app that encodes and decodes sequencing files.

Buddy Platform Overhauls UX With User-Centric Approach

Buddy launches a new product design and user experience for commercial property owners and managers to conserve energy.

Creating Winning Software Products for Apple Watch

Insights on how to develop successful, wearer-friendly apps for the Apple Watch.

Our 2018 Technology Outlook

Exciting new frontiers in computing will create more disruption - and opportunity.

Seattle Children's PRISM App: Promoting Resilience

The core of our vision at GenUI is that we can bring together design and technology to do work that really matters.

"Mobile First" in Africa, a Hackathon

GenUI joins Madrona Software and The Innovation Village in sponsoring a hackthon in Uganda.

USAFacts Makes Data Engaging With Azure And PowerBI

The Ballmer Foundation launches a new website dedicated to reporting - and visualizing - the data produced by the United States government.

Health Care Focus: Community Health Plan of Washington’s Responsive Web Redesign

Community Health Plan of Washington launched a mobile-first, responsive web presence to meet HIPAA, Section 508, NCQA compliance requirements

Pair Programming Solves Soft Engineering Problems

When it comes down to quality, two heads are better than one. We show the benefits to different types of developers.

The Mobile Payment User Experience

An overview of the current state of the in-app purchase experience, a vendor perspectie.

Analytico’s Voicesifter Customer Relationship Tool

Analytico founders Matt Kaler and Joe Sample started with the idea that customers needed a seamless way to provide feedback to small and medium-sized businesse (SMBs), and that those businesses needed a way to sort that feedback.

GenUI Develops an IoT Solution for GM & Commercial Link

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing fast, and the connected car space is among its largest markets: 250 million connected vehicles will be on the road by 2020, according to analysts at Gartner.

Nordstrom launches leading mobile retail experience for Android

Nordstrom launched their leading mobile fashion retail experience on the Android platform to meet feature parity with their popular iOS retail app.